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How to Start a Hosting Company

Published: Monday, Jun 3, 2019
Author: Michael

With the advent of the internet into all our lives and the growth of e-commerce all over the world, entrepeneurs look for web hosting companies that provide cost-effective, managed services that allow them higher internet presence and a vast audience.

1. What hosting are you going to provide?

This can range from shared hosting to dedicated server hosting or even colocation facilities. You'll want to capitalize on the products you know and then decide on what you want to handle.

2. Plans & Pricing

Do some research on your competitors to find out what services they offer and what prices they charge. Choose competitive pricing, but keep pricing fair for both your company and for your consumers.

3. Find a Client Portal System

This can be something like Blesta, where all of your orders and client management can be optimized. There are other solutions besides Blesta, but we do recommend Blesta for its customizability.

4. Get a Reseller Account

To start provisioning actual working hosting accounts for your customers using your billing system, you're going to need a hosting server. The cheapest way to get started is by purchasing a reseller account from Trutone or another reseller provider. If you choose a Trutone reseller account, you're monthly cost is going to be extremely reduced, as you won't need to worry about maintaining a server or licensing costs (Blesta, the previously mentioned client portal, is included at no cost).

5. Advertise and Participate

Once you've setup your billing system and website, start advertising and participating in various hosting forums. Our hosting forum of choice is WebHostCommunity. This will allow you to make an online presence that will be seen by many. Always have something constructive to say, since these forums can be a powerful marketing tool for your business and will say a lot about your business.

6. Maintain and Satisfy Clients

This should be a given, but you'll want to make sure you keep your clients happy by satisfying their needs or wants. If they request a feature, make sure you show your effort to fulfill those requests. After all, happy clients spread the word!

That concludes this article. Let us know what you think by commenting below! If you have any questions at all, our support team can help you get setup in no time!

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